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'Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.' 

-- Jim Ryun

At the beginning of a project or venture, there’s a flash of inspiration and then the motivation to take action. But the initial excitement will run out. Bringing an idea to reality requires intensive work, and it’s not always motivating or inspired. But with an established process and patience, the work gets done. Small habits make up the larger goal.

We love this inspirational quote and can relate to this not only in a business sense but also one we all love to hate... those New Year Resolutions!  At the beginning of every year we start the year off telling ourselves 'I will travel more', 'I will save more money', 'I will eat healthier meals', 'I will go to the gym more'.  But how many of those goals do we actually keep going right through to the end of the year?

The initial excitement and enthusiasm soon fades and before you know it those intentions seem like a distant memory.  So instead, we should rethink our habits and make small achievable changes to our daily routine and by the time 2017 comes around we will have achieved those goals without even realising it.