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No. 64, The Exchange Building, 132 Commercial Street




We brought KISAIYA back to the Om Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace last weekend and we are pleased to announce we had an even better response than last year.  As a new brand in this fast growing industry of health and fitness we are trying to establish KISAIYA as a clothing brand with integrity producing high quality products at affordable prices.  We were very excited to be the only clothing brand at the show offering true seamless clothing which is designed for maximum comfort, movement and support during exercise.  Colour is also key and we made sure our stand popped.

We thrive on the great feedback we receive from our customers and supporters and were thrilled to see that so many of you were already wearing our product at the show.  If you have any pictures please remember to tag us in your posts as we love to see our product being worn!

Due to our special show promotions and sample sale we sold a lot of clothing, therefore some of our stocks are now very low!  Please bear with us whilst we replenish stock and keep following for new styles and colours which will be on our website soon.

The KISAIYA team are feeling very positive about how the brand is growing and your support is greatly appreciated.  We are a small team with lots of ideas and are looking forward to seeing the brand evolve.

Lots of love

The Kisaiya Team xx