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No. 64, The Exchange Building, 132 Commercial Street




We’re excited toare excited to announce that Kisaiya & Ki5-a will be taking residence at Lomax throughout the month of April!

Both activewear brands are designed in Shoreditch and specialise in seamless performance knits, with a fashion edge. Their bespoke seamless technology means they can create garments that fit to the body and eliminate seams, guaranteeing comfort and maximum movement for all types of exercise. Their seamless fabrics contain polyamide which has great sweat wicking properties – keeping you cool and dry, and has the added benefit of an amazing super soft hand feel. Mixed with elastane it also has an excellent sculpting and supportive stretch.

The aim of Kisaiya and Ki5-a is to inspire men and women to feel empowered through fitness, and confident through good design; with details and shapes that accentuate and flatter bodies. Ultimately, they design active wear which can transition seamlessly throughout the different phases of one’s day, be that during, or post workout. Both Kisaiya & Ki5-a are committed to supplying its supporters with high quality and well-designed products at affordable prices.

We have also collaborated with Lomax Nutrition to create our signature shake - KISAIY, with delicious ingredients Kiwi, Pear, Lomax Vanilla Protein, Coconut Water & Spirulina.

So get yourself down to Lomax to see our product and try out our shake before it changes to our men's range Ki5-A!