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We'd like to introduce you to Mirella who is wearing our MARSEILLES BRA & ST GERMAIN LEGGING which are both seamless and super comfortable, perfect for wearing in the summer!

Mirella is the founder of StrongbeatsSkinny and Body Ibiza and her focus is to Empower, Educate, Motivate & Inspire Women through Nutrition, Training & Support, especially those with young children.  

She has been on an incredible journey from placing 2nd in the WBFF World Championships to becoming a mother where her body completely changed, to setting herself the challenge of stepping back on stage at the World Championships to see if she could get back in shape whilst juggling her business and baby!  Although the challenge she set herself was a difficult one, Mirella worked incredibly hard and achieved 8th place at the competition last year.  From her successes, Mirella wants to help as many women as she can to get in the shape of their lives and has set up specific programmes to help women of all ages and sizes.   

So why not try her FitRetreat:

- Spend 5 days with like-minded women, learning how to lift weights safely & effectively

- All fitness levels and abilities welcome...whether you've never lifted weights before, or have been doing so for many years, the time spent with me is all about learning new skills that you are able to take away with you to maximise your own training and to get results

- Whilst fitness is a huge part of the FitRetreat, it's not the only thing we focus on. Everyone comes with their own strengths & weaknesses, and we work together to grow our strengths and improve our weakness, in both body and mind. 

"What have I learnt from Mirella's FitRetreat...what you see is not what you get! Fitness is not because you want the perfect body! It's about combating your fears, using fitness/weights to push yourself, believe in yourself...and above all, proving your self worth! I have met some incredible women that have overcome fears, fought illness, become that stronger person from within. But what have I learnt most of all...keep an open mind, talk to people and find out who they really are, what they are fighting and work together as a team to achieve the goals...whether it's 10 squats, 15 lunges or finding inner peace through yoga!"
Jane, in her 50's and her 3rd time on my FitRetreat.

Check out her website for more information and testimonials from previous clients.




We're excited to announce we have a pop-up at Bootcamp Pilates over in the Notting Hill branch - 64 PORCHESTER ROAD, BAYSWATER, LONDON W2 6ET.

Some of our latest and exclusive styles are there, as well as our menswear line Ki5-A so if you're in the area check them out!  Or you could book yourself in for one of the Reformer Pilates classes suitable for all levels - take a look at the timetable...



We brought KISAIYA back to the Om Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace last weekend and we are pleased to announce we had an even better response than last year.  As a new brand in this fast growing industry of health and fitness we are trying to establish KISAIYA as a clothing brand with integrity producing high quality products at affordable prices.  We were very excited to be the only clothing brand at the show offering true seamless clothing which is designed for maximum comfort, movement and support during exercise.  Colour is also key and we made sure our stand popped.

We thrive on the great feedback we receive from our customers and supporters and were thrilled to see that so many of you were already wearing our product at the show.  If you have any pictures please remember to tag us in your posts as we love to see our product being worn!

Due to our special show promotions and sample sale we sold a lot of clothing, therefore some of our stocks are now very low!  Please bear with us whilst we replenish stock and keep following for new styles and colours which will be on our website soon.

The KISAIYA team are feeling very positive about how the brand is growing and your support is greatly appreciated.  We are a small team with lots of ideas and are looking forward to seeing the brand evolve.

Lots of love

The Kisaiya Team xx